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Move over Move-On! The More-On Movement’s here!

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    More On Movement: Originsimage-5

    Before the beginning was nothing–no place, no time, no thing, no nada, no beginning, no more.  (No crap, no kidding.) In the lack of time before the beginning, there was neither before nor after.

    And then there was, more, and more still, more in motion, in progress, including the idea of (& urge for) more going forward, with hardly a chance to look back until now.

    Some call the source of that urge & idea God & the results good; others call it existence, & results mixed: good, bad, indifferent, and more! Either way, there’s  more to be, more to know, & more to become.

    Those who name this urge-&-idea use as many tongues as they have–Ma, Mum, Mmmmm, Ra, Almighty Claude, Jehovah, Jehosaphat, Allah, Zoro, Geronimo Bonzai, #@$!^%*. Once named, any urge or idea–no matter how strange–could be attributed to this primal stirring of the creator.

    “Wait. You are getting ahead of ourselves,” sayeth the lord, source of all beginnings.

    In the beginning was a great eruption of creative gas, making its own space & taking its own sweet time to make plenty more, until all it took was a spark, a match, a little bit of friction, to ignite the thought, light the urge, give the idea more space-time-hot gas-light room to grow sound, suns, & all manner of stuff following after.

    Playing catch-up, but never succeeding, generations of star-systems & galaxies expanded the repertoire of fundamental bits, elements, and their combinations.

    Who knew that two bits of the primal gas (H) & one bit of O would make something so wet, so live, so thirst-quenching as water in a narrow temperature band, beyond which the same stuff became solid as ice or breathy as steam?

    But not even that combination was enough to satisfy the urge to be, to be more, & to become something else again with a slight change in conditions. The urge for more, apparently as strong as ever, gave rise to planets, with water, air and all manner of rocky, mucky, sandy & yummy lands, all in motion, all becoming more, with more polymers, more variety of locations, more combinations of elements, more forms, urge & idea. More life, in other words, with more capacity to draw & use energy, be, know & become, make interdependent networks beyond maps, with interwoven food chains, cooperations that are also able to compete at scale, where necessary, across scales, with more orders of magnitude at play.

    But not even that was enough–the urge for more, apparently as strong as ever, drove a spiral of expanding complexity, fueled by mutually beneficial synergies & the fact that cooperation conferred competitive advantage, where two or more might hunt, carry or defend more effectively than the sum of what each could do alone.

    If one or more are dogs, you’re really in business, as working together spans species, includes corn, artichokes, yaks, rabbits, berries, and more kinds of microbes than you can shake a stick at or even count. More vitamins & minerals, animals & vegetables, urges & ideas–tools & transformations, like use of fire, shaped sticks & stones, pots & skewers, along with the ideas, from sounds to words, signs to mimes, rocks to rockets, threads to web, print to virtual Bod Library-On-Line.

    From there, of course, it’s barely a hop, skip, jump & stumble to the Bod Library’s
    MORE-ON-CLUB, featuring More-On-This, More-On-That, More-On-the-Little-Girl-Who-Sat-On-Her-Cat-Hat, etc., i.e., whatever members are interested in, whether they know it beforehand or not. If it’s not there yet, more is surely on its way.  When was there ever less?

    [More on the Bod’s MORE-ON CLUB & its movement…ASAP.]